30 March 2012


Bebe, my beloved naughty sister

Superb Flats by Aldo
My most favourite flats because of they're so comfortable to wear!

MOOOOOOM i love you<3

OH yes, yes my dad is RETARDED

soooo how do ya think about my family?

Tanks - Pull and Bear
Skirt - Random
Bracelet / Bangle - Bershka
Shoes - Aldo
Hairband - Forever 21

23 March 2012

Last Friday

This was actually crappy Friday. My friend and I have planned to went for photoshoot in Citraland, which is really good to take pics there. But then rain comes! And we just want to yell out loud "FUUUU RAIN!"
Worst planning I've ever had.



Nadia Leona Poetra

Soooo we went to Lenmarc, and thank God the lighting was very good.



Dave David


Anabella Poet - Talented Photographer!

Le wild Cute and Cuddly kids appeared!

 Belt Color and Dress Pattern of mine


21 March 2012

Little Naughty Guy

My Cousin is already 3 years old! He adores Angry Bird, so that's why his birthday cupcake theme were Angry Bird.


The pics above were 1 out of 10 foods that we've eaten.
They were my favorite of all! Avocado Splash plussss "Resoles" as starter.


Clive Margiano, my beloved 3 years old cousin.
Tell me if he's cute or not. If he isn't cute maybe I'll give some lipgloss and blush on his face. LOL kidding!



Sibling played some games, look so serious. I am too old to play games like them! :(
And *sigh* I couldn't take whole outfit photoshoot, I have had school final exam on the next day. 

Extra Photo!

10 March 2012

Ride Free

Comfortable wear on my extra-busy Saturday!

Cucci Terra 1985

 Limited Edition Converse - All Star Sneaker I bought 3years ago and still in love with it!

Feather Earcuff - Topshop
Cropped Top - Topshop
Outer - Mango
Belt - H&M
Demon Ring - Forever21
Sneakers - Converse Limited

09 March 2012

Top 10 Jeans

I'm actually jeans addict! I used to pair some t-shirts with jeans because they were comfortable to wear. Not just comfortable, if you're the type of human being who loves jeans you should really know what brand are they, the quality (genuine or not), plus the type of them!
The chart is from 10-1 anyway.

       I looooove the colors of Ed Hardy clothing and types of jeans, but they're not comfortable to wear. You just want to cut them off and put them away.

Latoya Jackson

    They have a lot of various collection designs with affordable price!

The Super Skinny

     While most of the jeans on this list are new, the ones that hold the number two spot are a pair that is actually very, very old.

 Just Their Vintage Edition

    I didn't even know if I could afford the price or not! Never buy this one, but Dy&Ge's must be awesome to collect latter on.

 Dylan George Jeans, Kate Beckinsale, Comfortable Jeans, Classic Fit Jeans, Premium Denim, Danny Geuz, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens

Kate Beckinsale

    Never buy this brand also. But I've tried my cousin's and I was surprised. The cutting from outside were not good. But once you wear it, you'll never get em off!

Stitchs Jeans, Best Jeans for Men, Jeans that fit men, Luxury Denim

Stitch's Jeans, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, Best Denim, Jeans that fit women

    AHHHH R&R used to be my number 1! Time passes and theirs become not as good as the first time they launched.

Kohls Launch

Mine. Yes, mine.

    The most beautiful cutting, model, and denim!

Rockstar Jeans, Best Mens Jeans, Rockstar Sushi, Edgy Style, Premium Denim, New Fashion Trends


     My closet rack is FULL of humanity jeans. Lurrrve em verrryyy muchhh!

Rachel Bilson

Ciara wearing "CHLOE" type

     Here goes my favourite jeans brand of my parents, sometimes I borrow my mom's too, eh. Don't tell anybody yaaa :p

Megan Fox

Jessica Alba

    OH GOD HERE WE GO SEVEN JEANSSSSS!!! Well, seven jeans actually is 100000x comfortable than the other jeans. It also can found anywhere in Singapore. But everybody has different taste of fashion and styling right?

               gordon ramsay seven jeans 3 Celebs in Denim: Chef Gordon Ramsay in 7 for all Mankindgordon ramsay seven jeans 2 Celebs in Denim: Chef Gordon Ramsay in 7 for all Mankind

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Halle Berry

Jessica Alba 7 For All Mankind jean shorts denim

Jessica Alba

Fall / Winter 2012