21 March 2012

Little Naughty Guy

My Cousin is already 3 years old! He adores Angry Bird, so that's why his birthday cupcake theme were Angry Bird.


The pics above were 1 out of 10 foods that we've eaten.
They were my favorite of all! Avocado Splash plussss "Resoles" as starter.


Clive Margiano, my beloved 3 years old cousin.
Tell me if he's cute or not. If he isn't cute maybe I'll give some lipgloss and blush on his face. LOL kidding!



Sibling played some games, look so serious. I am too old to play games like them! :(
And *sigh* I couldn't take whole outfit photoshoot, I have had school final exam on the next day. 

Extra Photo!


  1. wow it's look delicious.
    followed your blog.mind to follow back? thanks


    1. Thankyou 
      Ok ofcourse
      Why do my post has been cleared now???
      Do any of u know why?