01 May 2013

Study Hard

Bonjour! Lately I've fallen too deep to my study so I indeed couldn't dress pretty! Don't call me nerd haha but I must study hard to get good scores or I will feel soooooooooo stupid. *Burn me*
But of course I have to take some breaktime of studying. Now it's my time to getting back again, taking some deep breath to smell the true fashion. 

Outfit detail
Blazer - TUMI
Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch
Boyfie Jeans - Zara
Shades - Marc Jacobs
Court Pointed Heels - Zara

And after the outfit photo shoot done, close up pics attack!

Earring, Rococo

So welcome back to to scroll my blog, readers! Feel free to drop some comments, critics, and suggestions.
Luvvv ya<3